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  • Welcome to APUSH.This is going to be an exciting, challenging, and intellectually stimulating year.

    APUSH is a two-semester survey course of American history that is intended to be the equivalent of a freshman college class.Students who successfully pass the AP exam in May will earn college credit for their work this year.Because of the nature of the course, you will be expected to develop strong skills in reading and writing non-fiction texts.Additionally, there is a great deal of material to cover in a short period of time.Therefore, all students are expected to maintain strong independent study skills and must have a willingness to devote a considerable amount of time to homework.Your hard work, however, will ultimately pay off.

  • Course Objectives

    Students will:

    1.mastera broad body of historical knowledge

    2.demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology

    3.use historical data to support an argument or position

    4.Interpret and apply data from original documents, including but not limited to cartoons, graphs, letters, etc.

    5.use analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and contrast

    6.Work effectively and cooperatively with others to produce products, conduct discussions, and solve historical problems.


    Sept -Foundation of American Political/Social Thought, American Rev, Constitution

    Oct – Civil War, Reconstruction, Progressive era, Immigration, Industrialization

    Nov – Roaring 20’s

    Dec – The Great Depression

    Jan – The New Deal, Start of WWII

    Feb – WWII, Post War Boom

    March/April – Cold War, Civil Rights, Foreign Policy today

    May/June – Projects: Historical Song, Decades, Travel Agents

  • High School Chemistry course following the California Standards for Science

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