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Step 1. Read the (click to download-->) District Acceptable Use Policy

Step 2. Please request a course on our newest and most up to date Moodle System at

The LMS Moodle System has some updated features that one may wish to use summarized as follows:

  1. Mobile Device Support (iPads) with the ability for students to turn in files from their District Active Directory account.
  2. Course Navigation made easier with the new Navigation Block.
  3. Resources streamlined to include uploading files, making folders, adding URL's, and pages (web page).
  4. Updated Editing Toolbar - The editor, including the toolbar, has been updated and the user is now able to right click when editing in the text of the document.
  5. Use of Rubrics to Grade Student Assignments (Called Advanced Grading)
  6. Teacher can now comment on and return files to student when using the Advanced Uploading of Files Assignment type.
  7. Quiz - Enhancements to the student interface when taking quizzes, editing and reporting, and quiz question types.
  8. Blog - Commenting now available for blogs.
  9. Wiki - Completely updated to work like a standard wiki.
  10. Workshop - Completely rewritten with updated interface for participating users and editing.

If you already have existing courses on eLearning Moodle and are requesting additional ones, please email your EdTech Point of contact to request a course. The EdTech Point of contact listing can be located at

All Moodle courses on the eLearning site will need to be migrated to LMS Moodle no later than summer of 2013.

Last modified: Thursday, December 20, 2012, 10:56 AM
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